As a pioneer of Korea’s dermatology field, Leaders Skin Group & Clinic will take the lead in this Global Era to represent the brand of Republic of Korea.

Leaders Clinic organized by dermatological specialists from graduates of Seoul National University has established an international network by adding 2 branches in China and the latest branch in Qatar, in addition to the 9 branches in Korea, to strengthen the brand value.

In 2005, Leaders Clinic was designated as an education center by Korean Dermatology Medical Association.

In the field of lipid stem cell development, Leaders Clinic is continuously succeeding in numerous treatments such as dermatological disorder and depilation; also we are participating in dissertations of recent studies.

Furthermore, Leaders Clinic has been officially selected by the district office of Gang-nam as one of the centers for medical tourism, specializing in dermatology. We have also established a strong public trust by utilizing our advanced facilities and medical expertise to achieve superior custody of foreign patients which formed a medical tour cooperative center.


Covering 500 square meter of area, Leaders Skin Group & Clinic is composed of 6 private treatment rooms, special gallery and other facilities. In particular, it has an anti-bacterial system to be safe, reliable and stabilized.

Leaders Skin Group & Clinic always offers excellent patient care in a relaxing environment. We are providing the best clinic service with personal treatment rooms which are combined with aesthetic and powder rooms for comfortable and satisfying recovery period before and after treatments. We will do our best for clients to have the most pleasant and safe stay with us.


In 2010, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England, cited Dr. Park (MD, PhD) amongst 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century.

His main areas of expertise are aesthetic medicine procedures, treatment of chronic and relapsing skin conditions, obesity treatments and laser and light applications. Dr. Park is also a specialist in chronic and relapsing skin conditions, having conducted considerable research in resistant skin diseases and aesthetic surgeries. His studies evaluate lasers and newly developed treatments against conventional means for the treatment of congenital conditions (cherry angioma, ota nevus, nevus flammeus), scars (wounds and burns) and immune-mediated skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis).

Dr. Park runs several researches and advocacy groups for children suffering from refractory diseases, with the vision of providing effective, safe and accessible treatments for children in the future.