CoolSculpting procedure is the FDA-approved, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting procedure actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas. It is not a weight-loss solution and it does not replace traditional method such as liposuction.
With CoolSculpting procedure, a specially designed cooling applicator is applied to the desired area of fat reduction to extract energy (cooling) from the underlying fat tissue without damage to other tissues. The applicator cup uses vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. During the procedure, the applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling conditions that have been proven to target and eliminate fat cells in specific areas of the body. When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.

1. Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.
2. CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.
3. In the weeks to follow, these fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body.
4. CoolSculpting results are long-term, as treated fat cells are gone for good.
​​The CoolSculpting procedure can help get rid of those stubborn bulges, arms, abdomen, flanks (love handles, muffin top), thighs or legs through various applicators for good.

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After the CoolSculpting procedure, the treated areas actually have fewer fat cells. And unlike what happens with other procedures, there's no change in fat cell distribution in untreated areas.

The reduction in fat bulges is visible in most clients in 3 weeks to 3 months. The fat cells in the treated area are gradually eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes, similar to how fat from food is eliminated.
Q: What is CoolSculpting?
A: CoolSculpting uses a non-invasive method clinically proven to reduce fat. CoolSculpting combines the science of Cryolipolysis selectively targeting and eliminating fat cells gently and gradually while sparing all other tissues.

Q: What is Cryolipolysis? How does it work?
A: Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce breakdown of fats without damage to other tissues. The cooled fat cells undergo apoptosis (cell death) and are gradually eliminated by the body, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

Q: Where does the fat go?
A: The cooling causes the fat cells to begin a process of natural removal. Lipids from fat cells are gently released and transported by the lymphatic system and eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism.

Q: Who are candidates for CoolSculpting?
A: Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are relatively fit, but have some fat bulges that are not easily reduced through diet and exercise. They are seeking for spot fat reduction for specific areas without the need for surgery. It is not recommended for weight loss and obesity.

Q: How is CoolSculpting different from other procedures?
A: The controlled cooling of the CoolSculpting targets and eliminates only fat cells. Other treatment modalities such as lasers, radiofrequency and focused ultrasound may affect other adjacent tissues in a way that is not comparable to the CoolSculpting method of Cryolipolysis.

Q: Is CoolSculpting painful? What will I feel during the treatment?
A: There is tolerable pain for the first few minutes upon applying the applicator. During the procedure, patients may experience deep pulling, tugging, pinching, numbness or discomfort that will slowly subside.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The treatment is convenient, lasting 35 minutes - 2 hours depending on the number of areas to be treated.

Q: What will I feel after the treatment?

A: Immediately after the procedure, treated area may look or feel stiff and transient blanching (temporary whitening of the skin). Patients may feel a sense of nausea or dizziness as the body naturally warms and sensation returns to the treated area. These are normal reactions that typically resolve within minutes.

Q: What is the recovery time for CoolSculpting? Can I go out later that day after my treatment?
A: There is typically minimal recovery time after CoolSculpting. Most are able to return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure, making it a good choice for people seeking non-surgical alternative.

Q: Is CoolSculpting procedure safe?
A: It is a safe, efficient and FDA-approved technology for spot fat reduction.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: Common side effects are redness that may appear and last a few minutes to few hours and some localized bruising or swelling that may occur which subsides within a few weeks. In some cases, temporary dulling of sensation in the treated area can be felt, lasting in a few weeks.

Q: When will I see result? How long will the result last?
A: CoolSculpting result can be seen as early as three weeks and maximum effect is visible after three months. The result is long lasting, as long as healthy lifestyle is maintained.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: CoolSculpting has shown the effective reduction of fat by 25% per area in a single session. Additional procedures may be administered one month after the initial procedure depending on each individual’s need.